LATITUDE Insurance & Securities Test Prep proudly offers the TESTivity suite of learning products. 

The TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience is a Comprehensive Online Utah Insurance Pre-License Test Prep Course that will prepare you to PASS the Utah Insurance Licensing Exam on the 1st Attempt!

 The TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience replicates the Live Classroom experience with the addition of learning aids not available in a traditional classroom environment. The flexibility of the Virtual Learning Experience allows you to learn on your schedule. The ability to stop, pause, rewind and repeat modules (or the entire Utah Insurance Pre-license course) will enhance your understanding of key concepts and improve your retention.

The TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience uses a variety of tools and methods to tap into the preferred modalities you use to approach learning. While the content covered within each of our instructional tools is based on the Utah State Department of Insurance Exam Content Outline; providing several choices in instructional delivery allows you to match your learning preferences and strengths to the tools in the course that best help you retain the necessary information.

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Do you have a favorite way of learning something new? A study method that works for you? Over the years we have seen massive amounts of research into adult learning modalities. The term “learning modalities” refers to all the different ways in which people absorb, process, retain and demonstrate what they know.

Much like the same shoe size doesn't fit everyone, neither does a single learning environment or instructional method.  Insurance License candidates come from different locales, cultures, life experiences and different educational backgrounds.

Different learning modalities have been identified and incorporated into the TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience.  For example, inductive Vs. deductive; global Vs. analytical; linear, intuitive, systematic, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

We understand that everyone approaches learning differently…

We've got YOU covered. 

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Virtual Learning Experience

 The Virtual Learning Experience is AMAZING!

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