Utah Insurance License Practice Exams

The TESTivity Utah Insurance License Exam Simulator serves up Quizzes at the end of each learning module, Progress Reviews every third module, and Final Exams that are weighted to mimic the actual Utah state insurance licensing exam.

In addition to the interactive module quizzes there are Progress Review of 75 questions after every third module.  The Progress Reviews will get progressively harder because there will be more and more testable content as you move through the TESTivity Utah Insurance Licensing Virtual Learning Experience.

When you have finished all of the modules you will have access to Utah Insurance Licensing Final Exams which have been created to mimic the actual Utah State Insurance Licensing Exam.  Our cutting edge software will randomly generate your test from thousands of questions in our data base.  The Final Exams are created with the appropriate number of questions from each category to mimic the actual exam.  At TESTivity, we guarantee when you are scoring over 85% on our Quizzes, Progress Reviews, and Final Exams…YOU WILL PASS the Utah state licensing exam!

You can take as many Utah insurance licensing final exams as you need to feel comfortable and prepared, in fact YOU CAN REPEAT ANY PART OR ALL of the TESTivity Utah Insurance Licensing Virtual Learning experience as many times as necessary during your 60 day registration window.

The TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience Utah insurance exam simulator also includes a "study mode" which allows you to create your own quizzes.  You can choose the number of questions and the subject matter to a quiz of 20 questions on taxation, maybe a quiz of 40 questions on disability income insurance.  

Maybe you enjoy can try a 750 question marathon...You are in complete control.

Sign-in to this 10 question sample quiz if you want to get a feel for the product...or just to see what you already know.

The Username and Password are both set to: SampleStudent (case sensitive)   

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