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These things are amazing! There are over 50 patented TESTivity Utah Insurance Exam Mind Maps incorporated into the Utah Insurance License Virtual Learning Experience. Each TESTivity Mind Map breaks down the most testable concepts in a Bright, Vibrant, Eye-Catching and Memorable Graphic. One TESTivity Mind Map is like viewing several Utah insurance exam flash cards at once.   

Utah Insurance License Exam Study Mind Maps

TESTivity Utah Insurance Exam Mind Maps are superior to other study aids because the graphic is a "cluster" of related Utah insurance exam concepts with text bullet points that are literally the answers to questions you will see on the Utah insurance licensing exam.

While it is NOT the recommended approach, we have had learners PASS the insurance license test using nothing but the TESTivity insurance exam Mind Maps!

These Mind Maps are available in full color hard copy, but the digital Mind Maps are included in the TESTivity Utah insurance license Virtual Learning Experience.

Sample TESTivity Mind Map #1               Sample TESTivity Mind Map #2  

Do you have a favorite way of learning something new? A study method that works for you? Over the years we have seen massive amounts of research into adult learning modalities. The term “learning modalities” refers to all the different ways in which people absorb, process, retain and demonstrate what they know.

Much like the same shoe size doesn't fit everyone, neither does a single learning environment or instructional method.  Utah Insurance License candidates come from different locales, cultures, life experiences and different educational backgrounds.

Different learning modalities have been identified and incorporated into the TESTivity Utah Virtual Learning Experience.  For example, inductive Vs. deductive; global Vs. analytical; linear, intuitive, systematic, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

We understand that everyone approaches learning differently…

We've got YOU covered. 

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The Virtual Learning Experience is AMAZING!

Please take a minute to experience the Sample Mind Maps above...You will agree, TESTivity is the ABSOLUTE best way to prepare for your Utah insurance licensing exam(s).

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